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Animal Racism

I cannot live a lie any longer. So I must reveal the truth -I am not human. In fact I regret having been born a man, I may not have been happier as a fish or a seagull but I would be no more or less human than I am in my present state. The term, human, is foolishly used to preclude homo sapiens from sharing an equal classification to other animals.

This notion of "humanity" stems from the general masses' wrongful desire to seek validation by placing themselves above others. This anthropocentrism is not unlike the attitude of 20th century's most villainized movement of Aryan superiority, post-Columbian European attitudes of manifest destiny which asserted racial and cultural superiority to native and african peoples on the basis of divine design etc. No, there is no difference between those who assert that non-human animals are inferior to Klu Klux Klan members who espouse white supremacy. The differences between human and non-human animals are purely skin deep. Humans possess complex brains designed for complex communication; this is homo-sapien's evolutionary nitch. A human's brain is no different to an alligator's jaw, a tiger's claws, or a rat's admirable adaptability to environmental shifts. It is for these reasons that I reject my humanity for my animality - my true animal state.

People often say that animal's lives are more dispensable than those of humans. I've never met an animal who didn't fear pain and death, can one say that one is inferior to another when one values its life and well being no less than the other? It is the natural evolution of human culture to embrace equality, amongst members of its own species as well as members of a shared biological existence. Who of you could deny this natural evolution of awareness? Which of you has not looked into the eyes of a cow and seen a living feeling creature? I have nothing in common with any man or woman who does not see himself/herself equal to the roaches scurry around in their darkened kitchens.

I have been fortunate to share a bond with other living things, both human and non-human. It is a beautiful experience, inherent to being an animal, to share a common understanding between oneself and another across the spectrum of genealogy. Far too often I find myself sharing more in common with a cat than I do with many a human. I wouldn't have it any other way. I realize that I value my work with underprivileged people's for the same reason that I value working with other animals. In our "modern" society, humanity is a term increasingly associated with class and economic privilege; ergo, the more money one has, the more human one is. After all, the poor are seen as animals: dirty, naked, and exposed to the elements. So what defines our humanity? clothing? air-conditioning? cable tv? A naked man standing in the forest surrounded by flora and fauna is no different than any other naked creature. I am that naked creature...and so are you, whether you realize it or not.


Is it odd that I'm not surprised? I think I remarked that you were the most feline person I'd ever met, and I doubt I'm the first to make such a comment. Cats also seem to me, regardless of their sex, to have androgynous spirits...it all comes together.
It's not odd in the least. I recall said conversation quite well. It's hard to forget.
You and i totally need to sit down and talk about this sometime =D

You might like the work of Dr. Gay Bradshaw and other like-minded individuals:

Also, if you've never read the book When Elephants Weep, i recommend you find it.

I've often said—to the chagrin of many—that the notion of separate species is an illusion. They are not discrete categories, but regions along a continuum, like the light spectrum: it is only our eyes that see distinct and separate colors.
This is insightful. We should indeed discuss this in greater detail.
you are a wise one.

October 2010

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